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Five Ways to Get Outside This Earth Day (and Every Day!)

Happy Earth Day everyone! Earth is the “third rock” from the sun and the only planet in our solar system known to foster life. Earth Day is about appreciating the great outdoors and marveling in the gifts of Mother Nature. You can celebrate this natural life not only on Earth Day, but every day!  1. Go for a walk in a nearby park.  You don’t have to have a dog to take on a walk as an excuse to get out. Take a 20 minute stroll in a nearby park. Inhale the fresh air, watch the neighborhood kids run around, smile at the runner going past. Going on walks has proven to increase imagination, as well as mental and physical health.  2....

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The Unconventional Smore

Everyone loves s'mores and what better Summer and Autumn activity than gathering with friends and family around a bonfire on a cool night?  Here are some of our favorite easy twists on s'mores that will tempt anyone with a true sweet tooth to step outside the box.  The Nutella S'more Replace the chocolate bar for a spread of Nutella. Mmmm The Gluten-Free S'more Ditch the graham cracker and stuff one regular Rolo inside a large marshmallow and voila, delicious caramel goodness for all!  The Cookie Dough S'more Add a small (or large) scoop of your favorite cookie dough between the graham cracker and chocolate, creating an extra treat in every bite.  The Simple Reese's S'more All those peanut butter lovers...

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