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Five Ways to Get Outside This Earth Day (and Every Day!)

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Happy Earth Day everyone! Earth is the “third rock” from the sun and the only planet in our solar system known to foster life. Earth Day is about appreciating the great outdoors and marveling in the gifts of Mother Nature. You can celebrate this natural life not only on Earth Day, but every day! 
1. Go for a walk in a nearby park. 
You dont have to have a dog to take on a walk as an excuse to get out. Take a 20 minute stroll in a nearby park. Inhale the fresh air, watch the neighborhood kids run around, smile at the runner going past. Going on walks has proven to increase imagination, as well as mental and physical health. 
2. Work in the garden!
You can take care of your already established garden, get involved in a community garden, or simply plant a few fresh herbs in a pot. Gardening is incredibly beneficial for you and the environment. 
3. Put down the electronics and enjoy sitting around a fire! 
There's no better way to take advantage of a starry night than to build a backyard fire and bask in its glorious warmth with family and friends. Use this Earth Day to create your outdoor space into the perfect place for gatherings where the distractions of electronics are put aside and conversation is fostered. 
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4. Throw a Green Party!
Life is for celebrating with others. Invite friends and family around for an evening of wholesome food and organic beer and fresh lemonade. Enhance the theme with reusable silverware and plates opposed to plastic ones. Being eco-conscious is also about living as part of a community, sharing in resources. Add the element of fire to the night and share in the natural heat of the flames. 
5. Have a picnic! 
Take your reusable water bottle, a blanket, some delicious food and a loved one on a picnic. You can even picnic in your own yard! Soak in the giving rays of sunlight and appreciate the blossoming plants around you. 
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Use these suggestions not only on Earth Day, but any day. It is truly amazing how being in the outdoors can improve your mood, foster communities, and gives us beautiful landscapes to remember. Lets cherish and respect the environment we have today. Now go get outside.