About Us – Fire Pit Global

About Us

Our mission at Fire Pit Global is to inspire people to not only use fire in a traditional sense, but transform it as a tool to engage in relationships, bringing family and friends together. We cherish that calming feeling of sitting around a fire with only the distraction of the mesmerizing flames and wanted to share that experience with others. 
We're a small team at Fire Pit Global and are truly driven by creating the best customer experience. We imagine ourselves as the customer and provide the service and products that we would want.
  • You get to talk to real people when you contact us and we will strive to make you happy as best we can.
  • We only sell quality products that have proven again and again to be loved by our customers. Our variety of quality products ensure that you find the best option for you, whether it be wood or fuel burning, a large feature piece or portable in size. 
We operate from St. Louis, Missouri in the heartland of the United States. We welcome any queries about our products. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here.